Monday, June 3, 2013

Real Me

We finally concluded a huge project at work. In addition to that project, I have my usual work duties. I have been stressed!! To the max!

Today, work lurched to a major slow-down. What did I used to do before all those tiny numbers? The transition back to normal felt weird. I filed my nails. I walked across the street for a fabulous meal, but brought it back to my desk out of habit. 

Tomorrow I dine out like the other worker bees. 

This is a time of transitions. Career, relationships, my daughter leaving for the summer, and I even see changes in the mirror. Grey hairs wave hello, and the skin under my chin and on my hands looks more experienced.  I am learning new cooking techniques. I barely know myself, and can hardly expect my long distance friends to keep up!

I am enjoying these changes, and as I have matured in just the last few years, I actually enjoy getting to know me. I've heard old people talk about this phenomenon, but I thought they were just senile. ;)

I'm going to celebrate my lessons with that dragonfly tattoo next week. Finally. I was waiting for something great to happen, something significant. I didn't expect that it would be within me. 

I am here. 

(Poached eggs en baguette, made possible by watching the second episode of The French Chef with Julia Child!)