Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yoga Me

Today I was assigned more remnants from that project we completed. What??? More tiny numbers???  I put in my headphones, found my happy place, and earned my paycheck. I focused on the now, and things just ain't so bad. 

I kept my eye on the clock because my yoga teacher and I had been emailing, and I knew she would be teaching across the street at noon. I didn't plan toattend class  because I did too much activity on Saturday and my hip is still screaming at me.  Plus, this work project is back on, and I can't take lunch away from my desk just yet. 

My teacher certification is right on track. My guru/teacher (can I just call her E?) allowed me to choose my own advisor for the remainder of the trek. She also made it clear that this option isn't typically offered. In the end, I did not choose her. I have studied with her for years, and hear that familiar voice guide many of my daily decisions. I chose the alternative because it was the uncomfortable path. 

A few minutes before her class, I picked up lunch in the cafeteria of the state building where she teaches. I found out from the security guard that I was an hour early. Duh, girl, how many times have you attended this very class?  It has been too long. 

I took my lunch back to my desk, ate, answered faux-urgent emails and took angry phone calls until the appropriate time. Eventually, I was able to walk across the street, prep the chair arrangements, set the lights, and adjust the blinds to E's  likings. I greeted a couple students as they came in. She looked so happy to see me!  She was taken aback when she saw that the room was prepped just so, and I stood up from a chair and gave her a giant hug. We were wearing the same color. She kept looking deep into my eyes. I gave her all the softness and honesty I have. I gave her my time

My decisions are right on.  Over the years I watch this life path of mine, but I'm ready to give it some active input. Sometimes I have no control over events that influence my life; sometimes I stand up for my voice. My career, I hope, is validated in health and fitness. 

I think I have much to give.