Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pivotal Point

Two days ago, I ran a 5k. I had finally worked my leg time up to that point. I walked the first five minutes, then proceeded to run 5/walk 1 until I hit 2.8 miles. I walked my final .3 to cool down. My hip felt wobbly afterwards, but I was NOT at ALL sore the next day!!!

Did I run again? No. I'm trying to honor this life. I lifted upper body weights and did a few PT moves to continue my lower body strengthening, but without added weights. When I woke up this morning, my right IT band FINALLY stopped clicking!!! I didn't really believe that the strengthening program had been doing any good yet. I thought I had so far to go. My knee has clicked for the last year, begging me to wise up. Crosstrain. You can't just run, silly girl. Not with your lovely hips. 

Tomorrow I journey to the ashram for ten intensive yogic days. They don't serve meat there. I hope I pack everything I need. I worry about the responsibilities I'm leaving behind. I am excited to honor this life and my goals. 

I've treated myself badly for a huge portion of my life. Recently, I've learned to be better to me, but my motives were selfish. I feel a calling to be kind to myself not because I deserve it, but because life is a gift. I want to express by gratitude by accepting, and being thankful. 

Thank you for this life. Thank you!!!