Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

I hate having salad for dinner!!!  I made it as "special" as possible, but let's get real. Salad is salad. My salmon burger patty on the side was blah but I focused on feeling gratitude for the food in front of me, and the company next to me. Sans salt, artificial ingredients, cheese, or alcohol, my meal was fulfilling in other ways. 

The payoff continued through this morning when I stepped on my scale. Oh sweet numbers, you are being kind to me. The truth is, I'm working hard for you. Five more to go until I see my previous running weight. Thirty days doesn't feel long yet. 

I have a long run tonight, a short run tomorrow, and a 5k for a worthy cause on Saturday in Dallas. Some of those runs will rock, some will roll, and some will roll me over!  You never know, when it comes to this extreme sport. I must be dedicated, or I wouldn't be inspired to make these health changes. I must really want it. 

All signs point to yes.