Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Going for thirty. I won't only blog about that topic, but I don't feel like I can shout it out, either. I'll mention it once in awhile. If it gets hard, I'll cry about it then bitch here. ;)

I haven't been going overboard, but for general health reasons, I'm quitting any beer/vino/anything else I get desperate to guzzle for thirty days. 

In other news, my garden is undergoing a mega overhaul this week. My backyard is suffering a serious case of bindweed, and rather than battle that another season, I am removing the veggies and installing some hardy Texas perennials. It will be much less work and exercise every week, and certainly less nutrition. No less joy. After the major work is done, I'll consider a container veggie garden, but no promises there. 

The job front looks amazing, assuming I want to stay full time and at this particular organization. There are two positions open, and one of those I really like.  I got a call about the superstar position Thursday, and again today. I don't want to discuss the other since I'm focusing on the one. 

Teaching yoga...  I've lost faith in my abilities to teach. I also don't think the timing is right financially. Even if those things aren't true, my perspective doesn't allow them to be true right now. I haven't  been able to work on my self-study, and tying it to running was a terrible choice. All I feel today is stress about the project.  It's really more important that I love my own yoga practice, and I do.

I might get to see my Dom this weekend, or my Lisa. I love my friends :) though it sometimes feels that the only unedited outlet I really have is this blog. Facebook is hardly a place to let anything real out! Here, I can say anything I want without hoping for a reply. I don't care if I offend, because this is my home, and my place to be raw, ugly, and beautiful. Judge if you please and I don't have to care. 

I'll send some pics from the State Fair.

Sober fun ;)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I logged 21.58 miles last week. That was really nice. I'm so happy to be taking control of my health again. No more than 23 this week!