Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Things

Things that always make my day:

Yoga, and yoga friends
Really good restaurant food
Cooking at home
Dancing in the kitchen
Long showers with nice soap
Anything about my daughter
A fresh can of tennis balls
Phone calls from friends
Good books
Fresh fruit
Sitting on my patio
Laying on the couch downstairs and listening to the house
Just enough wine
Walking to my car after work
People who come visit me at my desk
My treadmill
Peeling off wet, sweaty clothes and leaving them on the floor for C to step on
Ordering pizza with a coupon
Petting my pets
Going to bed after cleaning house all day
Thinking about my gramma
Listening to Tara Brach or Joyce Mayer
Playing my flute
Fresh sheets and pillowcases
Picking earrings in the morning
Jeans that hug real snug
Movie theaters that serve dinner
Live music
Kisses so soft they feel like shared breath
Driving places
Buying flowers at the grocery store
Hand washing dishes
Bills with no amount due
Anything lemon flavored or scented
Ginger tea for one
Being quiet
Garlic beginning to waft from the oven
Cottage style gardens
Inspirational Facebook quotes
Being missed
Money in the bank
Rainbows made from lawn sprinklers
Feeling cuddly in pajamas
No mail in the mailbox
Hot cars
Good intuition
Spa days
My religious beliefs
Remembering trash day
Running for charities
Waking early on weekends
My favorite quilt 
Sunbeams breaking through the clouds
Beach visits
Acceptance and openness to outcomes
French press
Dawn's rosy fingers and any Homeric reference 
Hot chocolate at the Driskill
Inside out underwear and backwards yoga pants
Visiting friends
Random texts 
Making people feel happy