Saturday, December 14, 2013


I get to start my day with yoga!

Most of my days start with work, and my evenings are family and exercise time. Weekends and holidays spoil me rotten. 

There's nothing I'd rather do today than dawn yoga in my quiet home until my sleepy girl wakes up. 

I'm training for Bandera now, and that's a running term I'm trying to interpret more kindly than I have in the past. Bandera 2012 left me with pain; I taped the injuries in place and ran a half marathon event the following morning. My injuries progressed, followed by a lung infection. I think my training had a lot of influence on the concluding hip fracture. 

New "training" has meant running appropriate amounts throughout the week but also including other types of exercise on my non-running days. It means proper recovery after events. I'll also need to taper the week before, which always leaves me feeling empty, cranky, useless, and fidgety. 


By , Guide

Definition: Tapering is the training phase right before a long distance event, such as a marathon, when a runner starts to cut back on his or her mileage. Marathoners typically start tapering 2-3 weeks before their race. This reduced training phase gives runners a chance to rest, recover, and mentally prepare for their race.

I've also learned that I'm more likely to injure myself in yoga if I'm taking a class, as opposed to following my own practice at home. I listen in better. My intuition somehow guides me to areas that need me, and away from areas that need rest. I can offer kindness to my body more specifically throughout my run, because I listened to it in yoga. 

Today is Satuday. Yoga day.