Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bandera 2014

That's how running is supposed to be! My left quad held out just fine, though I pulled my left glute in mile 6. I'm pretty sure it's psoas related, and I was able to manage it to finish out the next 9.5 miles. 

The rocky hills (mountains) were so steep sometimes that I actually felt my body pulling backwards and I had to quickly lean into the terrain to keep from tumbling back. On the descents, I learned to plant my feet at a 45 degree angle, lean back, and ski the dirt or skree (loose rocks) until I could get my feet running under me at a super shortened stride again. Wow. 

My events lately have been the best of the best. Despite what you see in the picture, the journey has turned from lonely survival to meditative movement. 

I am my truest possible self in these moments. There is no need for explanation.