Friday, February 7, 2014

It's a Bloggy Blog World

Whew, I can barely keep up with the busy-ness I've created! I tried to take my Christmas tree down this past weekend and got 75% of the way through the project. I have hopes for this weekend. 

I adore my new job and my quiet office space. The lighting is just right and I have a bit more autonomy. It's also busier. Being new isn't easy, and the job itself is reactive to the needs that land themselves in my inbox. Now! Everyone needs this done now!  So I do. Mistakes have been minimal and comraderie has been maximal!  I like this play yard. 

I'm not sure when my commute grew, but the hour drive in the morning has started to seem longer that the finite time that it actually is. Add a traffic accident, and it can take me two hours to get home. Cranky girl. 

All is well, really. I haven't felt the need to write much because everything good or bad passes and I feel observant. I don't feel chatty on many subjects. If you talk too much, it blocks the view. 

I love and live and laugh and cry. I'm experiencing life more and more thoroughly as I mature. Maybe I feel like I've lost the need to desperately grasp at life. Even the senseless pain that comes with this existence seems to belong somehow. I don't expect to understand. 

Expectations cause problems. Observation is not necessarily inaction, but certainly prevents a lot of unnecessary reactivity. 

My sweet Baby J

A hat I knitted. 

An outfit I'm in lust with 

My family was a guest of The Beach Boys. J enjoyed spending time w Mike Love and discussing songwriting. She got to sing and dance onstage, too. 

Ridiculous me