Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Night Recap

I came home from work today, ate, and went right to bed. Sometimes tired catches up and runs me right over!

Last Saturday I went for a long run, then took a rest day Sunday. Monday, I took a vacation day and went for my longest distance yet on bike. Hello, hip! Ouch! I was out for the next two days for recovery. I ran short yesterday and took today as another recovery day, to play safe. Ten road miles tomorrow, still playing it safe. I actually missed swimming this week, and this was not a good example of a good training week. 

Also this week, I escaped to see a writer/poet/singer/friend perform some kickin live music at House Wine. On a weeknight!! Check out Jim's blog at

I had to treadmill at the downtown Y to make this work for my schedule, and now I know why I love my home gym so much. The treadmills were so close to each other that I could reach out and touch the guy next to me, and he kept looking at my pace. Ugh! What do you care?  My ego turned up the dial and chicked his ass. Damn I'm competitive. I noticed my ego, and I let it push me ahead. I used it. 

Also, I had to shower and change there, which I'm starting to get used to but I'm a little high maintenance. It's not that I expect people to think highly of my appearance; I feel I'm doing the world a favor by putting on all this makeup. I keep working on this self esteem issue. 

This week in pics:
Rainbow over downtown as I drove to work Wednesday. 

House Wine

The One and Only Jim Trainer

Who took this picture of Jason Woolery and the back of my head. 

Flower delivery at my work today! I adore my yoga teacher. Namaste. 

Friday selfie, ready to go home.