Saturday, August 23, 2014

Staycation 39 End

Not quite the end yet; I have two days to go. I fully realized this as I passed my director on the trail this morning. 

Add a couple weeks, and hello to the big four-oh. 

Moms visit came and went, as did the family reunion. I especially appreciated my time with the oldest members of my family. I am loved for the best possible reasons, and I am overwhelmed with the deepest gratitude in return. 

On turning forty, I'm pretty excited about my new decade. The last year was unbelievably wonderful. It felt like dreams that I'd been working towards finally came true. I made it out of my last job and into the one that I set my sights on years ago. I finished my yoga certification and my first two triathlons. My credit and finances are actually "good". I quit talking down to myself in the mirror. I healed and laughed and loved. 

I have a couple small goals this coming year. I'll ride my first bike race and try to qualify for the 2016 Boston marathon. I'd like to give more time to my friends. It would also be nice to be a gentler, softer version of me, whatever that might mean. We'll find out ;)

I want to be the best mom for my kid. If that's the only goal I achieve this next year, I'll consider it a success.