Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Just one post in September?

So much is going on. There's that word again- "busy". 

I finished my third triathlon in Kerrville, and I can't believe tri season is over. I can't believe I made it through one event, never mind and entire season to complete my goal of three. I wasn't sure I could finish since I sprained my ankle in August, but physical therapy does work. I'm sorry to see it end, but I'll be back next year. I'd like to do at least one Olympic distance race. (Isn't there always more to reach for??)

Marathon season has begun again, and I'm happy to focus on the run. No more sharing days with bike and/or swim. Just you and me, baby. PT also addressed my hip issues from last year, and I'll be released from that treatment next week. It's amazing to run without pain, and to not need extra recovery days that should have been running days. I can fly. 

Happiness feels easy lately.