Monday, February 16, 2015

Professional Help

I finally got it. Advice from a pro. No, I'm not mental enough to get a head shrink. ;) I signed up with a running coach, and I'm getting whipped into shape. 

I didn't hit my time target for Houston, and I have plenty of reasons with even more excuses. Now that I'm on this training plan, I can see that I really wasn't putting in the time or effort that it takes to reach those goals. But man, it's hard. 

I don't write here much, with the availability of Facebook and the lack of desire for anonymity. There aren't any secrets left. 

Life has settled into the routine I'd hoped for, and now I watch time float by and my daughter earn her own life experiences. At 14, she is still so sweet that her openness stuns me at times. 

I can't hope to capture these days, but only to love them. 

Don't take it too seriously ;)