Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In Good Time

I gave notice at my job. 

I've climbed as high as I can go here, complete with the suite and a view of the UT tower and stadium. How lovely. 

These come at a price. Though I can see the weather, I don't have time to step outside for a breath. My commute is dreadful. I won't go on. 

I'm choosing to rely on the other man for financial security for awhile, as opposed to The Man. I have some projects up my sleeve that can provide additional compensation, but my primary duties for the next few years will be home-based. 

I love my girl, and I'll never regret being present for her high school years. She is happy with the upcoming changes. 

It's all for her, and it always has been. 

March 27 sounds like a mighty fine day.