Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Visiting La Madre

Instead of sending J to FL for the summer so I can work full time, J and I are both visiting Mother for the summer. 

Getting out of my routine has been great. Since I tore my quad, I've been sofa bound, and I'm glad to have healed enough to be running again. A little. So little. Saturdays 5k put me back down for 3 days. Man, I really messed up my bod this time. 

I can't say that the visit is going that well, and I'd really hoped it would. Stupid hope. That emotion continues to sneer at me anytime I try to caress it. 

I don't want to go into details or speak negatively. Gratitude is always the best route, though it can be the most difficult path to find. I am glad that I have my own beautiful daughter and a strong footing there that does not falter. The painful lessons put upon me are absorbed and turned into a better experience for my daughter. In other words, shit grows pretty flowers. ;)

The absorption is a difficult process that involves my physical activities, tears, and alone time. There are many good things about me that come into sharp focus when I'm in less toxic surroundings. 

I am worthy of this life, and I will live it!

I do love it. 

Love is everywhere.