Monday, May 15, 2017

And So It Goals

I did make the appropriate phone call yesterday, and was quickly waved off. Bland response. Blah.

The Kid turns 16 this week. Mother's Day was important to her, and I made sure she knew how important she always is to me. All three of us made nachos and then she picked a movie for us to watch. She surprised me with a framed picture of our family. I can't wait to celebrate her special birthday.

Tony Robbins says that you get your "must haves" in life. You absolutely will attain what you believe you NEED. Most of anything, I believe my daughter must have a secure and balanced life. I'll give anything for it.

I must run again. The beginner workout program is going really well. The pain in my hip and pelvis completely recovers before each next session, and my range of motion is greater. Years of running without stability work put me here, so it makes sense that a run program would not recover me.

I must make it through the last three weeks of work. I've applied for a select handful of positions, and I'll ramp it up if I don't start getting callbacks. I don't want to apply for low hanging fruit without trying for the cherry on top.