Saturday, May 13, 2017

Starting Gate

I complained about how little running I could do, but I've had to back off even more. My leg is not recovering after workouts like it needs to, for progression. I see my doctor next month for a general checkup, and if I had proper insurance, I would make a specific appointment now. He's a sports medicine specialist, and I was initially referred to him when I fractured my hip. I transferred to him entirely, but since I'm working part-time, I have no benefits and don't make much pay to afford another MRI out of pocket.

I think I have IT band issues at the moment, so I've switched to a 30-day beginner full body series. This is giving me 20 mins, every other day, range-of-motion activity. It is leaving me with no pain and helping my recovery immensely. These movements are what I'd be doing in PT, so I'm hoping to keep it small and progress slowly. I want to run again, and I am not permanently broken!

I am, however, getting fat. My workout shorts don't fit at all, and I look comical in them. My work wardrobe is slim pickings (haha) each morning because even my sleeves are too tight. Uh-oh.

Dieting sucks!