Saturday, June 24, 2017

All Kinds of Kindness

Life is an uncontrollable sort of thing, best taken with a swig of humor and kindness.

I was slammed with a headache yesterday and couldn't get to my 5k. The head pain came with vertigo and nausea, and the best I could do was stay in and take Pain reliever. I cried a bit, feeling sorry for myself, but even looking forward to that event helped my week. 

The Husband suggested I find a 5k for tomorrow morning, even if I have to pay for the entry. That's such a nice thought, especially since he's paying my ticket lately. 

Maybe I didn't get to go in the end, but  I did gain a positive outcome in my attitude. I won't dwell on how much I wanted to be there or that the winner of my AG was over 28 mins... and my PR beats that time... the TRUTH  is that I wasn't going to run hard anyway. 

The truth is that I am hanging in, day by day, and it is a helluvan effort. Balance and moderation are here but do not stay without tending. Self kindness actually takes discipline. 

We both have the weekend off, but the headache is really digging its heels in, so we're just sitting around. The Kid is at the beach with friends. The Husband says this is relaxing.