Friday, June 16, 2017


I just passed the two-week mark into my unemployment. It feels so much longer.

I've faked it into making it, and talking with my little family about my feelings of uselessness helps. I am trying to take a perspective that this is a vacation before continuing work, and that I should use this time to reset myself between jobs. A useful task!

I said I would set a goal- I'm giving another two months to the pursuit of my preferred employer. After that, I found a place to work (an inbound call center, basically). The pay isn't horrible, they have an on-site gym, but it's a commute. Not a long-term solution, but ya gotta eat and pay The Man.

I'm faking my way through healthy behaviors like organizing stale areas of the house, and making good food. I tried taking my half-PB sandwich on the patio this morning until a gnat flew right up my nose before I could finish my last bite. I had a nice meditation going on, and I enjoyed the patio time.

Working out is always a saving grace. The day of my meltdown, I hadn't done any focused physical activity in four days. Too long for my emotions but perfect for my body. I'm still making progress with my strength and flexibility overall, but recovery time is sometimes necessary for progress. (Like resetting the mind between jobs... hm, maybe I can apply a lesson here.)

These are the things that support my mental health, and I'm just now learning how to use these tools.

It feels like I'm just learning to walk.