Friday, July 7, 2017

The Same Difference

It's all different, but somehow looks the same.

The Kid is perturbed with me today because we've been spending a lot of time together this summer. I'm The Parent, and though we can be friends at times, I can override a situation without question.  That imbalance of power causes a quiet buzz of friction.

I try to plan activities she enjoys, and to cook her favorite foods. I hope I give her enough space to be herself. Even so, I am strict with rules and have high standards for self discipline.

The update is that she's irritated because she overheard me talking to The Husband about all this late last night. Nothing was said that shouldn't have been, but it doesn't feel good to be talked about.

The BIG news update is that I have been hired!! I didn't get a callback from my preferred employer, but alongside applying there, I cast my net a little wider and found a position specifically related to my degree. My preferred employer was unrelated to my degree, because I had pretty much given up trying to get back in. Jobs in music management or music marketing are nearly impossible to find, and I thought I was destined to be an over-talented secretary.

I have some time before the position starts. Though it stretches the budget, I'm glad to have a bit more time with The Kid. Today looks just like any other day a couple weeks ago, but knowing I am back in my field after 12 years has changed me.

When I was preparing for the interview, The Kid looked through my portfolio and expressed her surprise at my documented accomplishments. I told her that part of why I've been so sad was that I felt I'd lost my potential. I had, at one time, believed so strongly that I had POTENTIAL

She told me, "according to physics, everything has potential"

Of course.